As a member of the Commetta Collective from 2018 to 2023 I had the enormous pleasure to work with some amazing clients!  I got to work on everything from websites and visual identities to social media graphics and brand collateral.  I absolutely loved the work I did with the Collective!

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***Heads up,  they’re a bad-ass group of people who are dedicated to social causes like health, wellness, education, entrepreneurship, culture, & the environment!

Commetta Client

Lov Cosmetik

LOV COSMETIK provides the ultimate in lash & brow enhancements.  They are the official Canadian Elleebana distributor and came to Commetta in need of a brand identity that would include Elleebana and future growth.  I was lucky to lead the creative team through this LOV-ly brand glow up!

Logo Update



LOV’s logo was already great and just needed a few tweaks to take it to the next level.  
The original was technically centered but the empty space in the ‘L’ made it feel off visually.

With an alternate alignment, adjusted tracking, and increased font-weight, they eye is tricked into seeing the perfect positioning and readability.



We also added ‘TM’ for Unregistered Trademark.  This displays your intent to register your trademark.  It is free to use, acknowledges your ownership of the logo, and can be used to support infringement disputes.  

Logo Options

The Colour Palette

The new colour palette represents the fun and energetic spirit of Learn, with 5 colours that represent the 5 main audiences that Learn addresses.  In order to further affirm the visual cues, graphic elements were created, taken from the logo tree icon, and assigned to each audience.  This creates a legend to follow when creating new content, and over time users will associate the elements to the audience. (likely without even knowing it!)

How it all comes together


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