The Nith Valley EcoBoosters has started up a new youth-led working group called the NVEB Youth Advocates.  The group’s goal is to encourage and support Primary and Secondary schools within Wilmot and Wellesley Townships to take greater climate action.

In collaboration with Future Ground Network

As a Future Ground Network volunteer on the Design Super Team, I have the immense pleasure of helping out organizations like the Nith Valley EcoBoosters with their visual design elements. 

In this case I was asked to help create a logo for their new Youth Advocates branch that would be a natural evolution of the main logo.  I utilized and reorganized the existing logo elements to create the space for the new, fun typeface used for the addition of ‘Youth Advocates’.  As always, I like to make sure that my logo designs work in black and white just in case it is ever printed using just one colour.  See the original logo and examples of the new YA version below.  

The original & the new chapter

Black & White

Why is it important that a logo works in black & white?

While it may look good in colour, you might find your logo details can be lost or minimized in black and white.
A logo detail should be definable during all aspects of the printing process, and even more so when it’s in black and white. This will also ensure that your logo will be recognized in various print and online formats.  Versatility is key!

photo credit: Helena Lopes via Unsplash